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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Which Foundation Suits You?

What is your age?
Do you have blemishes?
Do you have pimples?
Do you have pigmentation?
Do you have problems with excessive oils on your skin?

HYDRAVITE OR STAY MATTE is perfect for oily skin and who wishes to have a matte look. Stay clean and feel refreshed the whole day without having any excessive oils.

HIGH PERFORMANCE is perfect for 30+ who have problems with pigmentation and laugh lines. The most important thing is, it has Anti Aging formulae that helps lessen the aging of your skin.

FOUNDATION STICK is perfect for you who have heavy pimples or scars. It contains Collagen and Vitamin E to help protect your skin while using it.

Want to give it a try?

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Some Feedback from end user attending FCC Bridal Makeup Class by AzzaLynn Bridal
(using Stick Foundation FCC + Hydravite + Wet & Dry Foundation)
"Aah betol.sbb ms blik class akk tu.zeela uploads pic so ade membe ske dgn lipstick tu la hrga dy xla mmg kelasss la FCC.smpai lps buka n mlm pun xberminyak n xberpeluh lgsung la.maintain je makeup ni.."