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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Liquid Lipstick: Gleam Rouge for Glossy Look

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Bagi anda yang mengalami masalah bibir pecah atau merekah, elakkan menggunakan Lipstick biasa kerana rekahan anda pasti akan tampil ketara. 
Gunakan Gleam Rouge Lipstick bagi membantu mengatasi masalah itu.
Kandungan vitamin E membantu mengembalikan kesihatan bibir anda.

Liquid Lipstick: Gleam Rouge for Glossy Look
- New formulated liquid base lipstick.
- Glamour, shine and care – everything your lips could ask for in one unique product.
- Plump, smooth and perfectly moisturized lips. Full coverage, intensely rich color and shine last for hours.
- Gives fresh look and soft feeling to your lips.
- Available in 15 different shades.

How to use it :
- Apply directly to the lips using the brush for easy, accurate and even application.

Suitable for all skin types.

Available in 15 shades.
No 03 - FAV - Natural Nude Pink
No 04 - Pink
No 06 - FAV - Soft Pink
No 07 -
No 08 - Dark Pink
No 11 - FAV - Pink
No 13 - FAV - Light Chocolate/Brown
No 14 - Brown
No 15 - Maroon
No 16 - Chilli Red
No 18 - FAV - Nude Pink Chocolaty Base
No 19 - Dark Red
No 20 - Brown/Chocolate

How to Order?
CALL 012-2399629

Boleh rujuk review daripada para end user seperti di bawah:

Penggunaan Gleam Rouge Liquid Lipstick Kod 08 

Gleam Rouge Liquid Lipstick Kod 18
Penggunaan Gleam Rouge Liquid Lipstick Kod 18 - tanpa cahaya/flash

Penggunaan Gleam Rouge Liquid Lipstick Kod 18 - dengan cahaya/flash

Multicolor Powder

Multicolor Powder from FCC (RM68.90)
Is a multi purposed powder which contains argan oil, milk protein, vitamin E and SPF 10. 
It is highly useful for blusher, eyeshadow, shading an as a powder itself.  
One is enough to be kept ready in your handbag.

Multi-colored skin perfecting powder gently highlights, defines and illuminates the complexion. Its formula enriched with moisturizing Argan oil, skin balancing Milk Protein and nourishing Vitamin E and SPF 10 provides total protection and care. 

Apply all over the face and décolleté.

3 color codes available: 
  • MCP 01 : 
    • more to pinky mode 
    • very soft pink, pink, peach, orange harmony
    • highly useful for sweet look
  • MCP 02 : 
    • more to brown mode 
    • very soft brown to darker brown
    • specially made for tanning or shading
  • MCP 04 :
    • combination of pink and brown
    • soft brown, dark brown, pink, peach harmony for natural effect

Untuk tempahan, hubungi:
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+6010-5157758 (WhatsApp ONLY)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Skincare: Dry & Sensitive Skin

Skincare: for Dry & Sensitive Skin

Living with dry sensitive skin is a undesirable which limits your options in cosmetics too and may even affect your self-confidence. It may cause ageing effects. Dry sensitive skin can be the result of genetics, habits and lifestyle.

Effective dry sensitive skin care helps to calm these conditions by nourishing skin so that it can heal itself. With superior care, reveal a charming new personality! 

STEP 1: Cleanse using Cleansing Milk (Hydrating & Nourishing) 150ml [RM47.90]
Enriched with carbohydrate complex, it gently cleanses your skin and provides moisturizing while leaving the skin soft and silky during the day.
Chamomile extract soothes the skin and eliminates the sensitivity.

Paraben FREE
Mineral Oil FREE
Silicone FREE

STEP 2: Tone using Firming Tonic (Soothing & Hydrating) 150ml [RM32.90]
With its alcohol free formula, enriched with chamomile and vitamins, it gently soothes the skin while revitalizing it. 
Provides healthy skin.

Alcohol FREE
Paraben FREE
Mineral Oil FREE
Silicone FREE

STEP 3: Care for your skin using Day Cream (24 Hour Hydrating + SPF15) 50ml [RM59.90]
Enriched with carbohydrate complex, moisturizes your skin during the day. 
Chamomile extract soothes and softens the skin against environmental factors. Absorbed easily and gently nourishes the skin with vitamins. Provides silky touch to your skin.

Paraben FREE
Mineral Oil FREE

Important Info:
  1. Vitamins: provides a healthy look to skin and revitalizing it. Gives natural glow to skin.
  2. Chamomile extract: soothes the skin.
  3. Milk protein: provides oil balancing.
  4. Carbohydrate Complex: provides all day long moisturizing while enriches it.

How to Order?
CALL 013-2028986/012-2399629