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Klik Foto Untuk Lihat Jadual Kursus
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Multicolor Powder

Multicolor Powder from FCC (RM68.90)
Is a multi purposed powder which contains argan oil, milk protein, vitamin E and SPF 10. 
It is highly useful for blusher, eyeshadow, shading an as a powder itself.  
One is enough to be kept ready in your handbag.

Multi-colored skin perfecting powder gently highlights, defines and illuminates the complexion. Its formula enriched with moisturizing Argan oil, skin balancing Milk Protein and nourishing Vitamin E and SPF 10 provides total protection and care. 

Apply all over the face and décolleté.

3 color codes available: 
  • MCP 01 : 
    • more to pinky mode 
    • very soft pink, pink, peach, orange harmony
    • highly useful for sweet look
  • MCP 02 : 
    • more to brown mode 
    • very soft brown to darker brown
    • specially made for tanning or shading
  • MCP 04 :
    • combination of pink and brown
    • soft brown, dark brown, pink, peach harmony for natural effect

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