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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

True Color Lipstick

True Color Lipstick 
An ultra-creamy saturated lipstick packed with Vitamin E that delivers a beautiful, lightweight matte colour.
It is has a long-lasting effect without drying your lips.

Suitable for all skin types.

Available in 15 shades.
No 03 - Soft Peach
No 04 - FAV - Outstanding Pink NOT AVAILABLE
No 07 - bright orange based
No 08 - Chilli Red (Orange based)
No 10 - MUA's FAV - Dark Red [Red Blood]
No 11 - MUA's FAV - Dark Maroon to Reddish
No 12 - MUA's FAV - Red is Red [Chilli Red]
No 13 - Dark Peach [Pink with brown base]
No 14 - Original Sexy Peach [Medium Peach]
No 15 - FAV - Light Peach [for nude color lovers] Sexy Light Brown with orange base
No 16 - FAV - Peach with pink base [for nude color lovers]
No 18 - FAV - Peach with Orange base
No 19 - Pink base Choco Peach
No 22 - FAV - Light Maroon to Purple [sexy look for pouty lips]
No 23 - FAV - Soft Pink [Barbie Doll sexy look]
No 27 - FAV - Soft Maroon/Dark Red to Maroon (berry look) Very Sexy look for medium skin tone .. rawwrrrr!!!

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