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Monday, January 9, 2017

FCC Inspired Makeup Look

Assalamualaikum and Hello wonderful ladies!
As promised, we come back with 2 inspired look for the beautiful you.
Let’s focus on the fair skin tone.

Lighter skin tones comes in 3 undertones. Neutral, Cool or Warm.

Why is this important?
If you're cool, the veins on your inner wrist appear blue, you tend to turn a flushed pink color in the sun, and you burn easily, so you want to look for a foundation that has rosier, redder, or blue base.
How to do it?
Let’s follow the step by step instruction:

1. Simple and sleek style (SURI look)
Being confident in one self is highly dependable on something. If you have high confident with yourself and loves to be flawlessly natural, SURI look is the perfect make-up look for you. SURI represents simple and sleek style. Being natural is not a sin. It represents the inner strength ones have behind the lovely face.

Let’s check on how to prep the natural beauty in you.
  1. Ladies with fair skin tone needs more protection for her skin being compared to tanned skin tone. Hence, an SPF 15 is the least you must have to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Apply High Performance Foundation with SPF 15 evenly onto your skin. Use foundation brush to prevent uneven result. Complete the look with perfecting matte finish of BB Compact Powder. Voila! A flawless result without excessive makeup.
  2. Hold on! Do not forget to draw your eyebrow in a very natural way. Eyebrow pencil code 01 will do the trick. Its soft brown color blends naturally with your eyebrow.

  1. Strengthen the lashes with Starlook Mascara
  2. Cashmere eyeshadow 04 with coffee brown tone will remove those tired eyes. Its unique texture and high pigmented formula helps in creating healthy eyes that shines like a star. Apply the silky and soft texture onto your eyelids using blending brush. It provides maximum coverage that stays on for all day long. Highly blend able and crease-proof formula.
  1. Do not forget to create a healthy look on your face. Tender Blush On 01 is the most suitable for your skin. Dab it lightly onto your cheekbones using Powder brush in an inward manner. Choose professional powder brush for a softer look. You will blush naturally!
Products Used: 
+ Terracotta Porcelain Powder
+ CC Cream
+ Starlook Mascara
+ Eyebrow Pencil Code 01
+ Soft Touch Mono Eyeshadow Code 07
+ Tender Blush On Code 01
+ Liquid Concealer Code 03 
+ Rouge Lipstick Code 07

4. Sweet and Feminine (ROSIE)

Inspired from Barbie look and the latest makeup trend of Sweet & Feminine. 

_ROSIE_ is dedicated to women who loves pretty & romantic looks! 

Products Used:
+ High Performance Foundation
+ Terracotta Powder Code 05
+ Liquid Concealer
+ Starlook Mascara
+ Glitter Eyeliner Silver Code 04
+ Soft Touch Mono Eyeshadow Code 19
+ Tender Blush On Code 02
+ Kajal Secret Eyeliner Pen
+ Matte Lipstick 17.

Stay with us in the next sharing session.
Makeup is easy and don’t make it messy.

Live life to the fullest!

Makeup is easy and don’t make it messy.

Live life to the fullest!

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