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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Eyeshadow: Terracotta Mono

Terracotta Mono Eyeshadow - RM38.90

Feedback dari pembeli:
"sis, cantiklah eyeshadow yg saya beli dari sis aritu. Tambah cantik bila pakai air.. suka sangat... nak order lagi lah. Aritu saya beli warna biru, coklat dan putih"

Terracotta Mono Eyeshadow - RM38.90
Sangat sesuai untuk end-user yang tak reti nak pakai banyak2.. pilih satu warna pilihan kesukaan anda. Warna pilihan end user yg cintakan natural look ialah kod no 10

Sangat sesuai untuk end-user yang tak reti guna berus atau tak ada koleksi berus... boleh guna berus asas ataupun "Guna Jari Pun Boleh"

Sangat sesuai utk mekap artis yang ingin melahirkan solekan mantap, warna yg kekal cantik. Boleh digunakan basah atau kering. Warna pilihan para MUA professional ialah kod no 13 - no 09 - no 01 - no 03 - no 12

FCC's Terracotta range is their premium mineral-packed range with slight shimmery effect.
FCC's Terracotta Mono Eye Shadow is a sparkling jewel-toned powder shadow that glides on smoothly and blends easily. Each colour contains high colour pigments to provide a vibrant and long-lasting effect. Available in a wide range of beautiful shades for defining lids and lining eyes. Can be applied both wet and dry.

Suitable for all skin types.

Comes in 10 shades.
No 01 - Dark Blue/Navy Blue (the blue color is very nice!)
No 02 - Light Purple/Soft Purple
No 03 - Light Green/Soft Green
No 06 - Soft Pink
No 09 - White (very beautiful for highlight and to enhance your eye area)
No 10 - Brown (for natural look lovers)
No 12 - Dark Purple
No 13 - Grey/Silver (nampak macam hitam tapi sebenarnya bukan hitam)
No 15 - Gold/Yellowish
No 18 - Pink

Descriptions :
- The baked formula can be easily applied with its velvety texture.
- Shade combinations ranging from matte to frost to satin for multiple looks, contrasting or complementary, get metallic effect in wet application which make the eyes glitter.
- Contained special pigments and oils ensure long-wear.
- Light weight and moisturized texture ensures full coverage.
- Available in 10 different colors.

How to use it :
- Apply the powder over the entire eyelid, and pointed for precise application to outline the eye contour and add depth to the eyes.
- Apply dry for suitable shadowing.
- Slightly moistened gives a more intense shade.

How to Order?

Call/sms 012-2399629
WhatsApp only +6010-5157758