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Klik Foto Untuk Lihat Jadual Kursus
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hari Ini Gleam Rouge Ada OFFER!!!

Kod No: 06(Nude Pink); 17(Real Chilli Red)                                             Kod No: 11(Natural Pink)
FCC's Gleam Rouge Liquid Lipstick is a new formulated liquid base lipstick that gives an intense glossy finish. It's packed with Vitamin E to keep lips moisturised all day long. 
Can also double as a lipgloss.

Highly useful. 2 IN 1. Lipstick with the lipgloss functionalities. PLUS + improves your chapped lips. 

Descriptions :
- New formulated liquid base lipstick.
- Glamour, shine and care – everything your lips could ask for in one unique product.
- Plump, smooth and perfectly moisturized lips.
- Full coverage, intensely rich color and shine last for hours.
- Gives fresh look and soft feeling to your lips.
- Available in 15 different shades.

Price with postage:  
Special Offer: 
+ FREE Delivery!!!
LIMITED Colors Available
HURRY!!! While Stocks Lasts

Color Code [Panduan Warna]:
GRL 03 : Light Pink [FAV]
GRL 04 : Pink
GRL 06 : Nude Pink
GRL 07 : Orangy Pink
GRL 08 : Peachy Pink
GRL 10 : Red
GRL 11 : Natural Pink [FAV] 
GRL 13 : Light Choco [FAV]
GRL 14 : Choco
GRL 15 : Maroon
GRL 16 : Chilli Red
GRL 17 : Real Chilli Red
GRL 18 : Choco Pink - Natural [FAV]
GRL 19 : Dark Red
GRL 20 : Brown

How to use it :
- Apply directly to the lips using the brush for easy, accurate and even application.

Kelebihan FCC Gleam Rouge Lipstick:
- Warna di dalam gambar akan kelihatan terlalu terang tetapi apabila disapukan ke bibir, warnanya akan menjadi lembut kerana ia adalah jenis cecair.