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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The 360 effect without camera 360

I used to see so many people using 360 camera to show their flawless make-up while in real life face to face the colour is too white compared to their original skintone. 

Well... I don't have a 360 camera.

To have a flawless and glowing looks I put these multi colour powder for the 360 looks.
It's really worth the effort! !!

Using Multicolor Powder, In real life, face to face you can have a smooth n wonderful look. 

In the normal 'cokia' camera it is as if you are using the 360 camera. Smooth and flawless. 
My favourite is always Code 01. It has the complete colour set of peach, orange, soft pink and darker pink. Can be used by one colour or simply blend it all together.

Code no 02 is the combination of brown tone. Highly suitable for the tanned skintone.

Code no 04 has the combination of brown, peach and pink. Perfect complete set for a beauty beginner and make-up enthusiasts.